Nether Depths

Surpass the limits of The Nether

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Why Nether Depths?

Quick Updates

We're always one of the first to update just days after release!

We're planning to update to 1.20 as soon as possible!

Friendly Community

Our community is friendly, helpful, and fun!

There are so many memories to create in this server.


On the go? No problem!
You can join on Minecraft Bedrock Edition!

PORT: 19132


Do /server Survival to join!

Play the Main Survival Server

Slimefun, Vehicles, Spawners, Aurelium Skills, and more!


Do /server Zen to join!

A less chaotic version of Survival

No game-changing plugins, beautiful biome / structure generation, and more!


Do /server Minigames to join!

Play various minigames with your friends or the community

Spleef, Sumo,
Elytra Run, and Parkour!


Do /server Creative to join!

Build things with nothing interrupting you, useful if you want something peaceful to get things off your mind, or test things



When you die, your items are added into a chest at your death location.

You will be given a map to locate your death location. You can also do /actp to tp there!


Sell anything for any price with Chest Shops!

You can sell at your own custom warp with /iwarp create or at /warp shops!

Learn How...

Rideable Mobs

You can ride any of the select mobs with a special token you can get from vote crates!

Including flying glow squids, fishes, bees, and dogs/cats! Whichever one you prefer.

Teleportable Mobs

You can teleport any rideable mob with you while riding it!

Useful if you want to transport villagers in boats.

Community Server

Please join the Discord or Guilded Server for important updates!

All announcements are there

Discord Guilded

Vote Crates

Get crate keys for crates that give you many different rewards like armor, money, and more!

Vote here to get them!

Sit Anywhere

Sit, lay or crawl anywhere with /sit, /crawl, and /lay.

You can also right click stairs with a free hand to sit!


Claim your base to avoid grief!

How? Just take a golden shovel and mark the corners!

You can also play around with various claim flags with /gpflags


Tired of PvPing and don't want others to kill you?

Do /pvp off to disable PvP!


Do various jobs to earn money with /jobs and get money from doing different actions in the server!

Custom Music Discs

Get Custom Music Discs from a Music Disc Crate to jam with your friends at a nearby Jukebox with over 20 different discs!

Donation Perks

You can donate to get some perks like /stack, /condense, custom armor stands, and more!

Learn More...


Love someone so much that you want to marry them in the server?

Marry them with /marry [name]!


Easily skip the night with the need of only 1 player to sleep!

Want to keep the night? do /nosleep!

Aurelium Skills

Earn experience in different aspects of Minecraft and get special abilities!

Survival-Specific Features


Too much to explain in this tiny little box.

Click here instead!

Silk Spawners

Mine monster spawners with Silk Touch pickaxe to create mob grinders / farms easily!

Chat Races

Earn money for racing others in chat, answering various questions, unscrambling words, and more!


Want to transfer your XP or give it to others?

Do /bottle get [amount] to transfer your XP to bottles!

Zen-Specific Features

Custom Terrain

Tired of boring minecraft generation? Zen has beautiful, big, terrain generation. Go explore!

Custom Structures

Bored of the old minecraft structures? Zen has bigger, better, cleaner structures. Go explore!

Dispenser Tools

Wanna break things but are too lazy to do it yourself? Make dispensers do them for you, put a tool in a dispenser to break blocks in front of it!