Rules and Info


Please note that the staff have full control over what is allowed and what is not, things may differ.
Last updated: Thursday, March 4 2021

Claimed structures MAY NOT be griefed.
Griefing is allowed if builds are UNCLAIMED.
Keeping your build unclaimed shows that you're prepared for war with other players.

If a player is uncomfortable about a topic, you MUST stop, no questions asked.
(This only applies to sensitive/controversial topics)

Anything that could possibly be recognized as a slur are all forbidden in global chat.
(Please keep the "R word" to a minimum.)

No x-raying, hacking, or exploiting bugs and glitches. Fullbright and Litematica are permitted.

Impersonating Staff / acting like you're staff is not permitted.

Building inside a 100 block radius outside of a player's build without permission is not recommended as the owner of that build may request to move it by creating a ticket.
You may not build inappropriate/phallic/racist/etc. objects.

Keep spam to a minimum. This includes pinging people repetitively on Discord

Player killing is NOT allowed if the player has PvP turned off, turn off PvP with /pvp off
Keeping your PvP enabled shows that you're prepared for fights with other players.

You may not talk about other servers unless they're well-known or related to Nether Depths.

Keep arguments and toxicity in DMs.
Using swears towards others in a malicious matter is considered toxic.

Leaking IPs or any other info like age, location, phone numbers, etc (Doxxing) is not allowed.

If a player is bothered or annoyed by what you're doing that's related to them, you must stop.
Trolling (e.g. telling people to do "alt + f4" to make people leave) is not permitted.

You may not pressure people into turning off /nosleep. They want to keep the night for a reason



When you die, instead of losing your items, they are safely added into a chest at your death location.


Too much to explain here
check out this link!


Sell anything for any price with Chest Shops at your own custom warp with /setwarp!


Use a Golden Shovel to claim your base and prevent grief, you can also ban people from claims with /claimban

Ridable Mobs

You can ride any mob with a special token you can get from vote crates!


Please join the Discord for important updates!

Bedrock Edition

Don't have Java or on the go? No problem! Join with

Vote Crates

Vote with /vote and get crate keys for crates that give you many different rewards like armor, money, and more!


Sit, lay or crawl anywhere with /sit, /crawl, and /lay. You can also right click stairs with a free hand to sit!


You can teleport any ridable mob with you while riding it, useful if you want to transport villagers in boats.


Love someone so much that you want to marry them in the server? Marry them with /marry <fiance>!

Silk Spawners

Transport monster spawners and create monster grinders/farms easily with a Silk Touch pickaxe!


Want to transfer your XP or give it to others?
do /bottle get <amount> to transfer your XP to bottles!


Easily skip the night with the need of only 1 player to sleep! Want to keep the night? do /nosleep!

Vote Crates

Vote with /vote to get special rewards and items from the vote crates at spawn!


Tired of Survival or just want to build something to get your mind off of things?
/warp creative!


Play various minigames with your friends: Spleef, Last Man Standing, Elytra Run, Parkour, and more soon!

Ore Money

Earn money while you're mining, but be careful, You may find some pests while trying to get money!

Loot Crates

Explore the world to find a crate with different rewards like money, bedrock, barriers and more!

Donation Perks

You can donate to get some perks!
More information here