Nether Depths Rules

Please note that the staff have full control over what is allowed and what is not, things may differ.
IMPORTANT: Attempting to exploit rule loopholes is not permitted and will end up in a punishment regardless of what the rules indicate.

1. Grief

Claimed structures MAY NOT be griefed.

Griefing is only allowed if builds are UNCLAIMED.

Keeping your build unclaimed indicates that you have no issue with other players griefing your build and will not be recovered afterwards.

Intentionally lagging the network servers (For example: creative) is NOT allowed.

2. Sensitivity

If a player is uncomfortable about a topic and asks you to stop, you MUST stop, no questions asked.

This rule applies common sense, meaning it only applies to sensitive topics and things that may make others literally uncomfortable. Arguing / Fooling around with this rule will result in a mute.

3. Slurs

All slurs are forbidden in global chat and builds.

4. Cheating

No x-raying, hacking, duping, or exploiting bugs and glitches.

Fullbright and Litematica (manual building) are permitted.

5. Impesonation

Impersonating Staff (A.K.A. Acting like you're staff) or players is not permitted.

This includes mini-modding (Moderating chat as a player).

Mini-modding may also be taken as a form of toxicity.

6. Building

Building inside a 100 block radius outside of a player's build without permission is not recommended as the owner of that build may request to move it by contacting the staff.

You may not build overly detailed phallic / racist / etc. symbols, this also includes possible misconceptions.

7. Spam

Keep spam to a minimum. This includes pinging people repetitively on Discord.

No flooding the chat with pointless content (ex. copypasta)

8. Player Killing

Player killing is NOT allowed if the player has PvP turned off, turn off PvP with /pvp off.

Keeping your PvP enabled indicates that you're prepared for fights with other players.

9. Advertisements

You may not talk about other servers unless they're well-known by the community.

10. Behaviour

Try to keep controversial/sensitive topics in DMs.

Toxicity is not tolerated.

Some examples of toxicity include but are not limited to:

- Directing swears towards others.

- Insulting others in a discrete repetitive way.

- Acting like you're above everyone else. (At Nether Depths, everyone is equally treated.)

- Any type of harassment.

11. Privacy

Leaking others' most likely private information is not permitted.

(IP, age, location, phone numbers, etc) (Doxxing)

12. Annoyances

If a player is bothered or annoyed by what you're doing that's related to them, you must stop.

Overly trolling (e.g. telling people to do "alt + f4" to make people leave) is not permitted.

13. Inclusivity

You may not discriminate others in a toxic manner. Everyone in Nether Depths are included regardless of sexuality, race, looks, etc.

Homophobia or anything against the LGBTQ+ community is not permitted. Religion is not an excuse, you must still respect others. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it.

Arguing with this rule saying that "gay" means happy, will end up in a mute. Grow up.

Being "super-straight" is a form of transphobia and will not be tolerated. You are not a snowflake. Be mature and indicate that you're straight and are not interested in transgender people.

Racism is not permitted. Discriminating against others because of their race and ethnicity will not be tolerated as we are a welcoming community.

14. Slimefun

Abusing Slimefun items in a malicious matter (e.g. annoying/lagging other players) is not allowed, you may play around at times but if the player asks you to stop, you must stop.

Failure to do so will end up in a ban

15. Nosleep

You may not pressure people into turning off /nosleep. They want to keep the night for a reason

16. Economy

Abusing the Jobs plugin or any other plugin that earns you money is not allowed.

This includes but is not limited to:

- Using alts for an economic advantage (For example: Jobs) (Not including voting)

- "Scamming" (Charging others for something that should've been extremely cheaper)

17. Language

This is an English server, other languages in public chat are not permitted.

With the exception of well-known words / phrases (For example: "Hola", "Bonjour", etc.)