Please note that the staff have full control over what is allowed and what is not, things may differ.
Last updated: Thursday, April 9, 2021

Claimed structures MAY NOT be griefed.
Griefing is allowed if builds are UNCLAIMED.
Keeping your build unclaimed shows that you're prepared for war with other players.

If a player is uncomfortable about a topic, you MUST stop, no questions asked.
(This only applies to sensitive/controversial topics)

Anything that could possibly be recognized as a slur are all forbidden in global chat.
(Please keep the "R word" to a minimum.)

No x-raying, hacking, or exploiting bugs and glitches. Fullbright and Litematica are permitted.

Impersonating Staff / acting like you're staff is not permitted.

Building inside a 100 block radius outside of a player's build without permission is not recommended as the owner of that build may request to move it by creating a ticket.
You may not build inappropriate/phallic/racist/etc. objects.

Keep spam to a minimum. This includes pinging people repetitively on Discord

Player killing is NOT allowed if the player has PvP turned off, turn off PvP with /pvp off
Keeping your PvP enabled shows that you're prepared for fights with other players.

You may not talk about other servers unless they're well-known or related to Nether Depths.

Keep controversial/sensitive topics in DMs.
Toxicity is not tolerated. This includes directing swears towards others, even if it's a joke.

Leaking IPs or any other info like age, location, phone numbers, etc (Doxxing) is not allowed.

If a player is bothered or annoyed by what you're doing that's related to them, you must stop.
Trolling (e.g. telling people to do "alt + f4" to make people leave) is not permitted.

You may not pressure people into turning off /nosleep. They want to keep the night for a reason